Jeff Bezos To Step Down as Amazon's CEO | Bad Memory, Tesla to recall 36,126 vehicles | Clubhouse App: What You Need To Know | Mike's Mesmerizing Moment | CRYF Interview - Matteucci | ProBowl | Original Air Date: Week 2/6 - 2/12 2021


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On Episode 34, We have Jeff Bezos stepping down as Amazon's CEO, we have a Tesla recall, and what is this Clubhouse app, is this just a new version of the party line? All of this in our [Top Stories in Five Minutes] then we move to [Ask the Experts] with Mike sitting on down and talking about the software company that will take on the "LIE TO ME" expertise in software. All of this is for the buildup of NFL Pro-Bowl video game recap on [GAMER TIMER] and the highlight of the NFL's big game this weekend.
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“Welcome to TechTime Radio with Nathan Mumm, the show that makes you go "Hummmm" Technology news of the week for February 6th - 12th 2021.
--- [Top Stories in 5 Minutes]: Starts 7:13

--- [Ask the Experts]: Starts at 18:45

Cryfe is a woman-founded start-up that took CES 2021 by storm. Cryfe™ is an AI-powered software that analyses people body language, voices and speech to detect authentic behaviors and enhance human communication we have the founder with us today Caroline Matteucci.
Interview with Caroline Matteucci

--- [Gamer Time]: Starts at 35:07
We are now about to navigate into a segment about the Super Bowl (Big Game), the 2021 Pro Bowl played on Madden 21 and NCAA College sports. Kyler Murray wins 2021 Pro Bowl MVP, leads NFC over AFC in virtual 'Madden 21' matchup.
--- [Mike's Mesmerizing Moment]: Starts at 50:26
Emotions and AI - Human input creates errors
--- [Pick of the Day]: Starts at 53:00


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