TTR04: CRISPR Gene Editing[BBB] | Age of Empires 4 [GT] | Can Cops Force you to Unlock your Cell Phone | 7/5 - 7/11 2020 | Mike Gorday Guest


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Technology news of the week for July 5th - July 11th 2020.
"Bad Big Brother" -
Welcome to the Segment Bad Big Brother - Today we are talking about DNA Deletion and reshuffling - "CRISPR gene editing in human embryos wreaks chromosomal mayhem - Three studies showing large DNA deletions and reshuffling heighten safety concerns about heritable genome editing."
I’m Nathan Mumm and today we’re talking about Bad Big Brother, Gamer Time, What I found on the web, Pick of the Day and we are calling this episode "BAD APPLES" with Co-Host Mike Gorday. We also have our [Whiskey Review] using the WHISKEYSMITHS.COM rating system, so make sure you listen all the way through to see what Whiskey Brand is our selected as [Pick of the Day].”
Now it’s time to welcome back Mike Gorday to TechTimeRadio. He is an expert on the psychology factors of human interaction - I like to call him the "LIE TO ME Expert" and is here to provide expertise, regarding the thought process of humans and a technology at his own right.
"Gamer Time" - Segment Two
"Age of Empires 4 - from Relic Games creator of Company of Heroes, gets ready for the most successful RTS game with a new chapter"
"What I found on the Internet Today" - Segment Three
Is it legal to for Cops to Force you to Unlock your Cell Phones"
"Indiana's Supreme Court has ruled that the Fifth Amendment allows a woman accused of stalking to refuse to unlock her iPhone. The court held that the Fifth Amendment's rule against self-incrimination protected Katelin Seo from giving the police access to potentially incriminating data on her phone. The courts are divided on how to apply the Fifth Amendment in this kind of case. Earlier this year, a Philadelphia man was released from jail after four years of being held in contempt in connection with a child-pornography case.
"Pick of the Day" - Segment
Mike and Nathan both agree on the best Whiskey for the day
**** And Pick of the Day Winner ***
Pendleton Blended Canadian Whisky - Let'er Buck - 80 Proof
---------------------- Transcript Start Episode 4 --------------
Nathan Mumm: Coming to you live from Studio six in Seattle, keeping you up to date on technology while enjoying a little whiskey on side with leading edge topics, along with special co-host to navigate technology and segmented, stylized radio program. The information that's going to make you go now sit back, raise a glass and welcome to tech time Radio your homes Technology News of the week I'm Nathan Mumm, and today we are talking about bad Big Brother. We got a new segment called Gamer Time and in the other segment called “What I Found on the Web”, and of course, we're gonna end our day with the pick of the day.

Today's episode is called Bad Apples. I'm here with co-host Mike Gorday. So always make sure we have our whiskey reviews, and we have our whiskey Smith's rating system that we have for all of our alcohol. So we make sure that we're are enjoying it. And there was a lot of criterias to make sure that when we make a pick, why we make a pick is a certain way we have that, and then I think we also just if we really like a taste. I think we kind of just pick it that way. Just minutes that moon is that makes you go. Yeah. Works right.

Mike Gorday: It works right with your intro.
Nathan Mumm: Okay, so let's look at our whiskey brands that we have today. So we have the all known Yes. Jim Bean, Kentucky straight Bourbon whiskey.
Mike Gorday: My default. Is this your default? Normally, that's Yeah. That's the one I get when I feel like drinking.
Nathan Mumm: Uh, okay. So, Well, Mike you gotta be impartial, so maybe we can find a better taste.
Mike Gorday: Okay. All right.

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