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The Oscars, Emmy and Peoples Choice awards all forget about the new Streaming Services that people watch all the time. This is why the LASE Awards were created, we select winners for best new created content on the following Streaming Services from July - July each year. We have Netflix, HBO MAX, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Apple TV+, Crackle Plus, CBS All Access, Quibi, and Peacock Network.
We have a group of ballots sent out to the Radio and Entertainment Academy and each of these nominated show were voted on and the winners are being announced on TECHTIME Radio with Nathan Mumm
Welcome to the 2020 LASE AWARDS (July 2019 -July 2020)
---- [Literature Award of Streaming Entertainment (THE LASE AWARDS)]:
Welcome to our yearly review of all the content on TV and Mobile phones for you to watch this is an Annual Media segment that provide awards to in 8 different categorizes. We call these THE LASE Awards - Literature Award of Streaming Entertainment.
LASE 2020 Categories:
NEW SERVICE AWARD: Starts at 4:00
Best New Service
Apple TV+
Peacock Network

REAL WORLD AWARD: Starts at 5:37
Leader in reality TV

The Circle - Netflix
Legendary - HBO MAX
Bad Ideas - Quibi
Fight Like a Girl - Quibi
Going for Broke - Crackle Plus
INDEPENDENT AWARD: Starts at 10:32
Breaking Standard Trends
Tiger King - Netflix
The Not So Late Show with Elmo - HBO MAX
Solar Opposites - Hulu
Undone - Amazon Prime Video
Muppets Now - Disney+
BEST SERIES AWARD: Starts at 15:53
Series within the Last Year
The Umbrella Academy Season 2 - Netflix
The Capture - Peacock Network
Die HART - Quibi
See - AppleTV+
The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel - Amazon Prime Video
Ozark Season 3 - Netflix
BEST PICTURE AWARD: Starts at 21:16
Picture or Original Movie
An American Pickle - HBO MAX
Late Night - Amazon Prime Video
Hamilton - Disney+
Greyhound - AppleTV+
Documentary Movie or Series
Hillary - Hulu
Radioactive - Amazon Prime Video
Prop Culture - Disney+
Dear... Docuseries - AppleTV+
Lost Speedways - Peacock Network
On Point - Crackle Plus
The Last Dance - Netflix
BEST SCIFI AWARD: Starts at 30:13
Science Fiction Movie or Series
Future Man - Hulu
Tales From the Loop - Amazon Prime Video
The Mandalorian - Disney+
Amazing Stories 2020 - AppleTV+
Picard - CBS All Access
MASTER AWARD: Starts at 36:07
Best Overall Streaming Service
Amazon Prime Video
CBS All Access

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