TTR: Episode 13 for the week of 9/6 - 9/12 2020 | Back to School is the theme for this week TechTime Radio. We have our Back to School Special in the Technology Insiders main segment looking at the best tools for SFH (School From Home).


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“Welcome to TechTime Radio with Nathan Mumm, the show that gives you the "Hummmm" Technology news of the week for Sept 6th - Sept 12th 2020.

In Episode 13, we are excited to have our two core segments [Protect Yourself Today] -13:50 focus on cybercrime, and our [Top Stories in five minutes] -5:25 and on today's episode and our Main Segment [Technology Insider] -21:48 is all about Back to School and what should your SCHOOL FROM HOME students have to stay active in class, we cover college - grade schools for the Virtual Class Room. | And we close the show with our [Pick of the Day] -43;54 Whiskey Tastings | Episode 13 for the week of 9/6-9/12 2020 - Mike Gorday Guest

---- [Top News in 5 Minutes]: Starts at 5:25

1) T-Mobile details its plan to give free internet to 10 million homes It's committed $10.7 billion to closing the "homework gap" for low-income students.

2) China launches secretive "reusable experimental spacecraft" Chinese space plane may be cruising in orbit above us right now. carried the suspected space plane to orbit Friday 9/4/2020.

3) Peloton reportedly has a new, cheaper treadmill in the works - A new high-end bike is also on the way.

4) Amazon looks to add 10,000 more jobs in Bellevue, Washington.

---- [Protect Yourself Today]: Starts at 13:50

1) Alert: 'Salfram' Email Campaign Spreads Malware to Businesses Attackers.

2) Fraudsters Use Telegram App to Steal Payment Card Data - New Method Eases Theft of Information From Ecommerce Sites.

3) DoD reaffirms Microsoft has won JEDI cloud contract.

---- [Technology Insider] Main Segment: Starts at 21:48
Back To School Reviews:

These are the best laptops for students we tested ranked, in order:

1) Dell XPS 13 7390

2) HP Spectre x360 13t Touch

3) Macbook Air 2020
Best Laptop for under 500.00 - HP 15-AY009DX - refurbished product $489.00


1) Jackery Bolt

2) Mophie Powerstation PD

3) Aukey 5000mAh Power Bank

1) PuroQuiet Kids Headphones

1.5) Puro Sound Labs BT2200 Kids Headphones

2) Sakar Hello Kitty

3) LeapFrog Headphones
BEST AMAZON ECHO SMART SPEAKER - Amazon Echo (Third Generation)

1) Third-Generation Echo

2) Echo Show 5

3) Third-Generation Echo Dot
---- [Gadgets and Gear]: Starts at 37:14

QUELL - Get fit fighting your way through an exciting fantasy world. Feel real impact with every punch through a lightweight, portable wearable
---- [Pick of the Day]: Starts at 43:54

J. P. Wiser’s Whisky - $50.00 | 80 proof

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