TTR: Episode 16 for week 9/27 - 10/3 2020 | What is AMAZON SIDEWALK, and will you share your internet for the community? | 197 People Arrested in Darknet Crackdown | Is GMAIL changing? | The first petabyte hard disk drive | Mikes Mesmerizing Moment debut


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In Episode 16, TechTime Radio we are excited to have a packed show with a new segment called [Crypto Carnage], a [Technology Insider] all about AMAZON SIDEWALK and them asking you for your personal internet. We have our two core segments [Protect Yourself Today] with our focus on cyber-crime, and our [Top Stories in five minutes] covering The first petabyte hard disk drive. We have our [Nathan's Nugget] and we close the show with our [Mike's Mesmerizing moment] and our [Pick of the Day] Whiskey Tastings | Episode 16 for the week of 9/27-10/3 2020- Mike Gorday Guest

“Welcome to TechTime Radio with Nathan Mumm, the show that makes you go "Hummmm" Technology news of the week for Sept 27th - October 3rd 2020.
---- [Top News in 5 Minutes]: Starts at 4:29

1. Gmail is about to get a big refresh

2. The first petabyte hard disk drive contains glass

3. Windows 10 October 2020 Update inches in the right direction
---- [Protect Yourself Today]: Starts at 16:59

1. 179 Arrested in Darknet Market Crackdown - Authorities Seize Virtual Currency, Drugs, Firearms

2. 'Dark Overlord' Hacker Sentenced to 5-Year Prison Term

British Man Switches to Guilty Plea in Case Tied to Several Healthcare Hacks

3. Cybercrime Review: Hackers Cash in on COVID-19

Phishing, Spam, Malware, Social Engineering and Other Recent Attack Trends
---- [Technology Insider] Main Segment: Starts at 28:00

Amazon Sidewalk Wants To Connect Your Neighborhood — If You'll Let It: Over the years, Amazon has made it very clear that it’s no longer satisfied with being “the everything store.” Last week, the company unveiled some of the details of its newest venture, Amazon Sidewalk, which seems to be an Amazon-branded WiFi network to expand the working range of its connected devices beyond an Amazon customer’s front door.

---- [Nathan's Nugget] Starts at 40:09
---- [Crypto Carnage] Starts at 44:50

We talk about the Brave Browser and how to earning BAT Crypto Currency

---- [Mike's Mesmerizing Moment] Starts at 54:00
---- [Pick of the Day]: Starts at 101:10

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