Twitter permanently banned President Donald Trump | Google has unionized | Google Union published a blistering letter attacking YouTube Executives | Google pulls Parler | FBI tracking cell phones | Original Air Date: Week 1/9 - 1/15 2021


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On Episode 30, We talk about software companies banning the President of the United States, should this be allowed? We explain Terms of Services and EULA's on the main story, We talk about 6G, and an interview with a 5G service provider WingTell. And on [Protect Yourself Today] should the FBI use tracking of cell phone to find people of interest? [Top Stories in Five Minutes] Google has unionized are more software companies to follow? all this plus more… Make sure to sign up at to win some great prizes.

“Welcome to TechTime Radio with Nathan Mumm, the show that makes you go "Hummmm" Technology news of the week for January 9th - January 15th 2021.

--- [Top Stories in 5 Minutes]: Starts at 4:09

  1. Twitter permanently banned President Donald Trump on Friday.


  1. Google has unionized with 200 people Monday and has seen rapid growth within the company.


  1. The Alphabet Workers Union on Thursday published a blistering open letter attacking YouTube executives for their "lackluster" response to Donald Trump following the siege on the US Capitol.


--- [Protect Yourself Today]: Starts at 27:02

  1. Google pulls Parler from Play Store for fostering calls to violence, not for security concerns in first ever major application removal for a social media company not created overseas.


  1. FBI used tracking of cell phone to find Ghislaine Maxwell


--- [Technology Insider]: Starts at 35:17

Today we are talking about Cellular on Technology Insider from 6G technology, yes 6G to everything in between, with a guest interview from WingTell.

--- [Mike's Mesmerizing Moment]: Starts at 50:23
Mike talks about the Unionization because of unfair practices, people at the top suppress information and this is how kingdoms and empires crumble.

--- [Pick of the Day]: starts at 52:48

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