A Guide to working with Property Sourcers [12+ tips]


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SOURCERS - DON'T HATE ME! Here is my Hitchhiker's guide to working with sourcer.

I've summarised some bits below:

Integrity - ask them questions/past examples

A brand - bigger they are harder they fall

Quality - of their deal

Broker - have they spoken to theirs about a deal?

Personality - idiots or you get along?

Spreadsheet - How detailed is this? do they have contingency? does costings match what you think/others say?

Area - what does streetcheck.co.uk say? Have you visited?

Viewing - always on first deals, I didn’t with Sean

Check T&Cs - limited vs personal liability

Non-refundable deposits - NO, NEVER

Pressure - not too much

Attention to detail - have they go it?

Previous - how many deals you done so far? Give me a testimonial?

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