Adding real value, finding deals on Rightmove & buying at asking price. Gemma talks about her journey in Property Development + how she works with Care Providers


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Must one buy everything at BMV? That's a lot of viewings, rejections and time spent. What if you purchased at market price, but added so much value you could pull a lot of your money out. Gemma takes us through her strategy in Property Development, and why this works out easier for her.

She works with care providers now, who give a long-term self-repairing lease, paid every month, totally hands off with guaranteed payment. Simple as that? Relationships are important, as is the knowledge YOU have. Know your value.

She also found almost all her deals on Rightmove, and people say there is nothing on it and it's all too late. Not for Gemma and Alison. We touched on mindset too, and why it's vital to ensure yours is strong and ready for the NOs and to be positive despite adversity.

We also touch on the power of a good VA, and just how much her's does for her, and only costs £280 a month! you'll be shocked when Gemma lists out her task. More time or More money? She also recommended two providers of VAs: Richard Evans and Imogen Cook.

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