AUCTION SPECIAL: Viewings, Due Diligence, Solicitors, Surveys, Bidding techniques, Strategies in the room and when things go badly wrong with Piotr and Jay


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In today's episode (longest ever on TT) we talk everything Auctions. Actually we couldn't get through it all, we missed out underwriting. I promise it's a gamechanger and something I personally am now doing at auctions, we'll have to cover it next time. Or on our special course that's only £1400 for you today only reduced from £5000. ;)

  • What Due Diligence you should do beforehand
  • Reading legal packs
  • How to be a NINJA in the auction room
  • Using Solicitors
  • Using Surveyors (or not)
  • Treating every property like an investment
  • Why you should do multiple viewings (cue story of van hiding huge subsidence floor crack on viewings that was removed on completion)
  • What to take with you on viewings
  • Bidding techniques
  • Some of the horrors these two have seen at Auction

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