Big Deals Only - 68 studios at £7.2m GDV, Birmingham's first PB-co-living scheme housing 250 and a pipeline of £100m with Anthony Laville


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We talk about planning permission (oh joy), the many, many surveys you have to do before building on land, the challenges Anthony's faced on land, why he only does big deals and how he did his first with no prior Development work!

Anthony started in property in 2010 whilst studying at the University of Leicester, where he founded his first property related business, StudentTenantFind. The lettings agency grew to let to and manage thousands of students over the years in towns and cities across the UK. The agency’s clients were and still are some of the U.K.’s largest providers of Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA), including the likes of Unite, Mansion, Victoria Hall (now Host) and CRM amongst others and HMO Landlords.

He currently has a number of PBSA and Co-living Developments in the pipeline ranging between £5million & £25million GDV.


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