0 to 15 SA units in 1 year, Financial Freedom in 6m and an invite to be mentored by Rob Moore - Kamila #SAGirl tells her story


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Kamila has done a lot over her life, she's experienced many challenges and come out stronger, bigger and better. EVERY TIME. She's proven the haters wrong with her work ethic and persistence, something she talks about in detail as we delve into her story.

Her portfolio is impressive and produces between £10-15,000 profit per month. She does not own a single house here. No 25% deposit, no boring mortgage paperwork and no SUPER SLOW CONVEYANCING (you can tell I'm going through this atm!). How has she done this? Especially after having to sell her previous portfolio of 5 BTLs, restarting wasn't easy but she never gave up.

If you're interested in Serviced Accommodation and don't know where to start, are feeling lost or wondering what's possible - this is the episode for you. If you've never considered it, maybe Kamila can convince you to try it!

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