108 HMO rooms, 1 BTL, £11,000 a month profit and travelling the world with Jonathan Ioannou


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In 2018 Jonathan developed 55 rooms, in 2017 on the PIN Mastermind he secured 14 projects. Pretty decent eh? In 2018 alone he created a cash flow of £8,164.

His total portfolio size is 108 rooms, and 1 lovely single let. I'm sure there is plenty we could learn from him

Before this he was a property sourcer, sourcing more than 150 properties for investors, so he knows how to find a good deal! So I asked him for more detail on D2V strategies to find more deals, quicker and avoid the hassle of using agents.

He shared these... but you'll have to listen in to find out more, he recorded this from sunny Vietnam... and I was in grey London.

CHECK OUT HIS HMO PLAYBOOK: www.jmiholdings.co.uk/playbook

Look at his wonderful designs https://www.jmiholdings.co.uk/

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