11 Deals in 1 year, £498,000 raised and buying a Monastery, Paul Taylor talks property and his '£100k challenge!'


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Paul has a few business, and Property is one that he has done very well in. He started off with the normal BTLs, and realised this is taking way too long for not a huge return. So of course, the HMO's come next!

The birth of his son is what really pushed him to quit his job as a commodity broker and gain the freedom that property can give.

He raised just under £500k in his first year of doing property, properly. He also purchased 11 HMOs in the North, whilst working a Full-time job in The South. Wot. You, yes YOU, have no excuses now!! These HMO's are bringing in about £9,000 a month profit.

He is now buying a monastery for £262k, which is worth £500k. They've spent 70k on rear building (that will generate £3,600 rent roll a month). The Rent roll for the whole site is £200k. That's some pretty maths hey?

Paul shares his advice on getting into Property Development, building from land and using planning uplift.


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