83 Rental units over 3 years, £1 million investment raised, a 22 bed HMO and 'Project96' with Matt & Niall


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Have I got a treat for you. I first saw Niall and Matt in an episode of YPN magazine, their projects looked awesome and I folded the page, and just had to get them on the show! After reading the article and understanding their approach, visiting their website (which is lovely) and further reading about them, I think you'll really like their approach.

Property allowed them to quit their full time jobs in 2 years, now this is realistic given how long things take (bloody conveyancing!) but there's no reason you can't do it quicker, or slower.

Now they are working on a BIG 22 bed HMO that has an end value of at east £1.1 million. The profit on this is HUGE too. Yes, it's a HMO! It's not always 5 bed residential type stuff, you can take this strategy to the limit.

They achieve £100 per month more in one of their HMOs than the market average. That's £1,200 extra PER ROOM, PER YEAR. What are you missing out on ?

Find this out, and how to find investors and attract them, in this episode.

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