Flying Jets, 21 BTLs, 7 HMOs, 3SAs, £17k a month passive income and buying properties that others run from, Richard Liddle tells all. [PLUS, A COMPETITION TO WIN A SKYDIVE!]


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Richard has been a pilot, trainer and skydive instructor for the last 20+ years, he loves his job. Property isn't about giving him the freedom to quit it, it's giving him the CHOICE. The choice to do whatever he wants, to set up his very noble charity (discussed near the end) to help Veterans in setting up their own businesses and learning important skills to succeed.

His experience over many years has made him a smart investor, one who likes to be contrarian. He bought a property at Auction that had Knotweed in, out of 40 people viewing it, only 2 bid on it. He won, just over £100k Purchase Price. He spent about £100k on it, and then had it revalued at £350,000! Pulling out all his money and netting a very nice monthly figure. all in all, his portfolio brings in £17,230 (He underestimated this in the audio) a month, PROFIT. Would you be happy with that?

The day after we recorded, Rich won a bid on an 8000 Sq ft commercial which he will convert to 12 apartments, sell half and keep half for SA.

We also discuss Deal Sourcers (always a hot topic), 'mentorship' Vs. 'Education' and why a lot of providers just aren't up to scratch, and his goals for the next few years.

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