How Kim achieved £3.5k a month profit in less than 12m whilst working full time


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Kim an I talk about her first purchase which is a block of 3 flats in Birmingham, how to find your investment area and how you should open up your strategy to be a toolkit. She had a corporate job for a while before the stress, hours and rate race affected her health, leading her to Property as a way to change her lifestyle.

Opportunities will always come your way when you're working hard and int he right place, it's important your arms are open to receive it. Think about it, you don't really want a HMO or a BTL, you want what each asset type offers you. Cashflow, safety, de-risking etc.

By understanding your why and your end goals, you're able to start correctly. Start, with the finish.

She also shares her top 3 books, tips on outsourcing and an excellent way to train your VAs.

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