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"We are pleased to welcome Tej Singh, of the Tej Talks Podcast in this week’s episode of The Property Nomads Podcast. Rob hosts our guest to find out all about his career journey, his passions, and property.

Tej has years of experience in recruitment and marketing, developing skills and knowledge that can be helpful to other property investors. Discover also, how stoicism, meditation and mindfulness helped him to be where he is right now. Through his podcast, Tej likes to showcase the underdogs’ stories to make the learning experience for aspiring property investors relatable and effortless.


  • Tej’s interest and how they have helped with his journey. Tej is a dancer, a recruitment specialist, a marketing & branding expert, and now a property investor. The first two interested have taught him a lot that it is now greatly helping him in standing out in the property field. The most important things he has learned is being able to continue no matter what adversity comes your way, and when you’re passionate about something, you push yourself.
  • Everything else will follow when you find your real passion. Once you’ve found your passion and locked it in, you will be motivated to work hard, plan well, keep moving and achieving. Once you have found it, nothing can stop you.
  • Have a positive mindset when faced with failures, rejections, and loss. Everyone experiences failure, rejection and loss. The only thing that you can do is to learn from them, be stronger from them, and hope for the best results.
  • Be open-minded and not cynical about possible opportunities. When he attended the Progressive Property Masterclass, he was advised by Aren Deu to remain open-minded and not cynical. Tej followed suit and do so with full optimism.
  • Tej Talks is all about diversity. He want to invite people in the industry from all different backgrounds and cultures. Tej thinks that learning is best done when it’s from someone who is, aside from being knowledgeable, also relatable.
  • Seeing the end goal might be a good motivation for some, but for others, it might crush their hopes of achieving their dreams. The best way to look at it is to observe, listen, and learn about their journey instead. This is more realistic, more grounded, and invites more careful planning. For example, if you want to dive into the world of property, podcasts are a gateway to do so. The genuineness that shines through when people share their stories, experiences, and learnings is not only motivating, but also a source of knowledge.
  • Find people that you can connect with who can help you, who can collaborate with, and who you can give value to also.


“Staying strong and stoic in the face of adversity is number one.”

"The more you sweat in practice, the more you bleed in battle.”

“When you find that passion, you won’t necessarily worry about the time you put in. When you find that passion, you’ll be able to do whatever that is for however long it is and face whatever hardships because you love it.”

“People 100% get caught up in the little details. I [Tej] say step back, take a deep breath, go for a walk, and focus on the big picture.”

“Have that belief in yourself that cannot be destroyed… that self-belief that you are going to achieve whatever it is you want to achieve.”

“We all have value in something to offer.”



Tej Singh is the host of the ‘Tej Talks’ Podcast, a background in recruitment and is now a Property Investor in Wales and the Midlands.

At the age of 23, he was able to build his own recruitment company with no previous recruitment experience. Aside from this, his interest also lies in property. Tej has been helping property investors level up their social media marketing and branding. And, through the Tej Talks Podcast, Tej aims to showcase not the famous and celebrity-status property investors, but the underdogs – including him and you.


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