Land Sourcing, Planning Gain, Working with councils and how anyone can get started in Land, with Tom Hoskin


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It's a big topic, literally. Well, actually you can make land work on smaller plots too. Tom talks us through his journey from going to University with Tom Henderson (see previous episode), potentially dropping out and how he discovered property.

Tom entered a competition with Whitebox property (See Lloyd Giradi podcast ep!) and won, woo, it was called 'change my life' and his has changed. He started off deal sourcing, to now sourcing plots of land where the profit and uplift ventures into the £millions. Quite a step away from a £3k fee for a BTL packaged deal eh?

He talks about the process of finding land, what you have to do before you start scouring the web for grass and mud. < SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE FOR MORE CONTENT < FREE GUIDES

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