PropTech, what is it, where can we use it and how will it improve Property? Dan from Urbanshared talks about his London R2R business.


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This is something new ⁣⁣Dan from Urbanshared talks about his London R2R business, how he set it up, the figures in detail and how you too can get started in Property - even if you live in London. ⁣⁣

His background is in technology, so we soon switch to discussing why property isn't up to date, what needs to be changed and how he is contributing to this movement. ⁣⁣

There are a few tech companies out there (Sprift, GoTenant, Arthur and SA-specific ones that spring to mind) Who do you think of first when I say PROPTECH? ⁣⁣This is an interesting one as his App/community has big potential, and you may want to try out the Beta version... listen in to find out more.⁣


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