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We're back together again!

"So @tej.talks came on to my podcast and we hit it right off. I’m always on the lookout for the rare few out there, the extraordinary, the elite, the movers and shakers, the executors, those who share the same mindset, interests and passion for life. Tej is an all round beast and someone I’m now very glad to have as a friend. (Podcast on YouTube / iTunes / Spotify, search ‘House of Elevation’)


You may be sick of my posts on mediocrity and societal norms etc. It’s very very simple. It’s all relative. It’s all about perspective. As an immigrant I realise it is nothing but a true true blessing to have been raised in the UK with endless opportunities. I have an obsession with how my time is used mentally, physically and spiritually. It breaks my heart when I see people (most of society) just getting by for the sake of getting by and seeking constant escapisms rather than facing and tackling reality to shape a life they’ve always dreamed of."

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