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I love Public Speaking. I share my tips in this Podcast.

10, 100 or 1000 people — I’m comfortable. That must be strange to read, that someone is ‘comfortable’ speaking in front of many others, on stage, in the limelight. Most people I speak to, absolutely hate it. They get so nervous, they can’t focus and they are very anxious. It seems to be universally feared, and I can see why.

You’re about to walk out, sweating, taking shallow breaths, running every terrible scenario that may occur through your head. What if a Viking warrior breaks through riding a T-Rex, what if I get heckled, what if no one laughs at my jokes that my mum said were funny? Clearly, only the first one is actually rational. #JustKidding


Here’s a few of my simple practical tips:


  • Make sure you’ve drank enough water
  • Eat well on the day and before
  • Keep your hands apart and open up your body language
  • Smile to yourself, wait for the hormone release, you’ll be surprised
  • Don’t sit too much, stay limber
  • Cough/clear your throat
  • Wear comfy clothes


  • Stand tall, good posture, roll shoulders back
  • Drink water
  • Gesture
  • Smile
  • Pause…….. to emphasise….. key points
  • Give people eye contact

Post talk

  • Celebrate and network!

When it comes to nerves — slow and control your breath, focus your mind on each and every breath, with real concentration. You’ll realise how calm you now are.

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