Tom Heaney talks about Rent2Rent, Building a Multi-Million pound property portfolio and the vital aspects of Mindset & Education


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You may have seem Tom on FB, sharing and posting lots of valuable content. He has developed a big cashflow from properties he doesn't own.

If you're interested in R2R, No Money Down Deals, Lease Options or HMO's then this is for you!

We also talk about mindset and how you can shape yours for high-performance.


(I'll be on stage in London)

"Tom Heaney is not your typical businessman. He walked out of a career he loved as a secondary school teacher and leader in 2016 to form multiple businesses and in year 1 created an income of over £100,000 pa through property, using very little of his own money.

Whilst he has accolades, including national and regional awards for teaching and leadership, and was awarded best newcomer 2017 from the largest property training company in the UK, Tom is very humble about his achievements. His ultimate goal is to inspire and help others to create the life they want today and not work until retirement.

Known as the maverick at work, feeling like the square peg in a round hole, he knew there was more to life than working for someone else exchanging valuable time for little money." < PODCAST GUIDE IS OUT NOW

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