Ep. 86 - How To Deal With Slumps


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In this episode, Brian and Josh discuss strategies for how tennis players can handle slumps. Slumps are times when players have a losing streak, lose more matches than they are accustomed to, or simply when a player has a period of time when they aren’t playing at their best. The co-hosts talked about research relating to the factors that determine how a player handles a slump, discussed the impact of psychological momentum, and reviewed the importance of how an individual appraises their slump.

Research study mentioned in the episode: “Overcoming performance slumps: Psychological resilience in expert cricket batsmen” - Chris Brown, Joanne Butt, and Mustafar Sarkar of Sheffield Hallam University http://shura.shu.ac.uk/23679/1/Brown%2C%20Butt%2C%20Sakar%20Performance%20slumps%20resilience%202018.pdf

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