Episode 402: Edenbridge & John Diva


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Featuring my talks with Edenbridge & JOHN DIVA & The Rockets Of Love; here is Episode 402 of my show as That Drummer Guy


Forever Outsider

Escape Of The Phoenix

Bloody Hammers

A Night to Dismember

Songs of Unspeakable Terror

John Diva and the Rockets of Love

Bling Bling Marilyn

American Amadeus

John Diva interview

John Diva and the Rockets of Love

American Amadeus

American Amadeus



The Chronicles Of Eden Pt.2

Lanvall interview



The Chronicles Of Eden Pt.2

Tribulation (Official)

Funeral Pyre

Where the Gloom Becomes Sound

Harakiri for the sky

Sing For The Damage We've Done


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