Episode 98 That Great Business Show - David Scrivens, Willows Ingredients - Andrew Lynch , Huckletree


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3.00 David Scrivens, co-founder with his wife Carmelia, of Willows Ingredients, an international food ingredients distributor. We like keeping it real. David says the original vision for the company was 'just to survive', an aspiration every early stage will identify with.

18.00 Love it, or leave it. We also keep it real for presenter Conall O Morain, who we make eat the food of the future, ground up crickets. See what he thinks, and whether he survived.

His 'hire in a heartbeat'? Bear Grylls - but he wants 1,000 of 'Bears'. Find out why.

31.00" Andrew Lynch, co-founder of office space provider, Huckletree. He runs ultra-marathons. That means he has run through the Sahara desert (56C) over 300k. And survived (not everyone did). He has plans for Huckletree to grow in Dublin, but where and when? Will he fund (again) or is there another model he's looking at (there is!). He discusses the hybrid working model, and says that Mondays and Fridays don't seem to be included in the office based working week anymore.

His 'hire in a heartbeat' - his dad. David Lynch. No. The other one, who is a corporate lawyer with OBH Partners.

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