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Today’s guest takes us on a fascinating journey that begins in a gas station and culminates in an extraordinary career of striking, viscerally effecting images. Randall Slavin began his creative career as an actor, but eventually found that he truly came alive when he was takes photos of his actor friends. He’s since developed a body of work that features nearly every iconic face of Hollywood. From Charlize Theron and Dennis Hopper to Kevin Bacon, Terrance Howard, Zoe Saldana, and so many more, he captures the essence of each of these artists in the most expressive and imaginative ways.

He shares what he learned from his pursuit of an acting career, and how he was ultimately able to discover how the universe was pulling him in a new direction. Our conversation offers an insider and outsider’s perspective on what it is to be an actor, and what it is to listen to and trust the inner voice that calls to every artist.

His work has been featured in nearly every major publication, in galleries across the world, and in his new book, WE ALL WANT SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL.

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