096: Travis Van Winkle — An Ascending Loop of Frustration and Mastery


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Today’s guest entered his on-camera career after being eliminated from the first round of a reality TV show. Little did he know how one small connection from this otherwise absurd and hilarious experience would open the door to a creative career that would force him to examine his humanity and the world around him. Travis Van Winkle made it to LA with a few hundred bucks in his pocket and the belief that somehow, he would find a career telling stories on camera. He’s done just that and more, having appeared in films like Transformers, Friday the 13th, Meet the Spartans, and an even longer list of television roles.

We chat about how his capacity for gratitude has expanded since the beginning days of his career, how a life in this business has encouraged deep personal reflection and growth, and how the jobs he’s lost have paved the way to even bigger, better, and more expansive opportunities---like going back to school AFTER his series regular role in THE LAST SHIP.

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