TRL 150: How to Find Epic Airbnb Deals as a Digital Nomad with Chris Cerra


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💬 Topics Discussed:

  • What is RemoteBase and how does it work?
  • What inspired Chris to start RemoteBase?
  • How does RemoteBase define a good deal?
  • What platforms does RemoteBase take into consideration when looking at potential rentals?
  • The importance of where you live and how you spend your time when you are digital nomad
  • What is “decision fatigue” in the context of the digital nomad lifestyle?
  • The housing market after COVID
  • What factors does Chris take into account outside of price when recommending an Airbnb listing?
  • How RemoteBase delivers tailored deals for different types of users
  • Top techniques for growing a newsletter
  • Are there specific locations in the world that RemoteBase focuses on?
  • What are some locations that have become more popular over the last 2 years?
  • What does the future of hospitality and housing look like in a remote-first world?
  • Why we need a remote-first housing solution
  • Chris’ top tips for finding great listings on Airbnb
  • Chris’ thoughts on Airbnbs new interface

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