Ep 6 - Fandoms


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Star Wars. Sherlock. Supernatural. Their fans are many and - even if you don’t realise it - powerful. In episode 6, Helen finds out how a BBC TV show can inspire an online witch hunt, what’s really going on with all this Star Wars drama, and why fanfiction should never be underestimated. Written and edited by: Helen McCarthy twitter.com/helenlmccarthy Music by: Antti Luode www.anttismusic.blogspot.co.uk All sources used (so you can do your own reading and research): https://www.thatsacult.com/episode-6-fandoms-sources Contributors: Addigni - http://addignisherlock.com/ Bina - https://221spn.tumblr.com/ Anna Julia - http://ahoyspn.tumblr.com/ Victoria - http://maximumkillshot.tumblr.com/ Henry Jenkins - http://henryjenkins.org/ Billy Proctor - https://twitter.com/Billy_Proc Bronwen Thomas - https://twitter.com/onlinereaders1 CarrieLynn Reinhard - https://twitter.com/MediaOracle Jessi Milestone - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaQXDLZoKomiCqjbXS0xH_Q CarrieLynn’s book is on Amazon, just search ‘Fractured Fandoms’. Henry Jenkins’ podcast is called ‘How do you like it so far?’ It’s on Apple Podcasts and his website. For more about Johnlock, listen to the Decoder Ring podcast. It’s really good - https://slate.me/2tXRUxN Want to hear a deep dive into an internet community/potential cult? Email your suggestions to thatsacult@gmail.com

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