Best of 2022 #3: Ep. 92- Cult Leader: Jared Leto... Yes, Jared Leto


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We've asked the people and looked at the stats to see which episodes were y'all's favorite this year. Coming in third was Jared Leto, if you missed this oldie but goodie with former co-host Cam, make sure to check it out! And if you've already heard it, we think it's definitely worth a re-listen.
Ash covers the allegations that Leto is running an actual cult and that he's been accused of sexually abusing minors for decades. You probably know him from Requiem for a Dream, The Dallas Buyers Club, or his band Thirty Seconds To Mars. But the internet is great at hiding things and while Leto has been preying on girls as young as 14 for decades, and hosting weird retreats for his fans where performances are called "Church of Mars", all of this has managed to be swept under the rug. His fans call themselves the Echelon and Leto the Prophet. Many went to a 2019 Croatia retreat where Leto walked around looking like Jesus and all of his fans followed him around, also in white garb. This cult gathering is scheduled again for this year. Get ready for a weird ride. Remember, this is all "allegedly", don't sue us Leto.
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