Devious Dolls- Ep. 1: Robert


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The gang is back with a brand new season of That's So F*cked Up Presents! This season Ash and the team talk about some of the world's scariest and most haunted dolls... this is "Devious Dolls".
Today Ash is joined by audio editor Gaytrice Perdue and hybrid audio editor/research assistant Ryan Pregent, as they discuss probably the most haunted doll in existence, Robert the Doll! This child sized doll has been cursing people left and right since the early 1900's. Robert was initially owned by a little boy who had a lifelong "friendship" (obsession) with him, and after switching owners a couple of times, he now resides in the Fort East Martello Museum in Key West, FL. There are some rules to follow if you go visit Robert, and if you don't, you could be in for some grave consequences. Robert receives thousands of letters from people apologizing for being disrespectful or not following the rules, begging him to remove the curse.
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-Audio editing by Emma Bowen.
-Research assistance by Emily Springer.

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