Gruesome Gals- Ep. 1: Serial Rapist and Killer Karla Homolka


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In the first episode of That's So Fucked Up Presents: Gruesome Gals, creator and host of Give Us Morgue, Megan Powell, joins Ash as she tells the story of the female half of the Ken and Barbie Killers, Karla Homolka. And fun news, Megan will be joining Ash for this whole season, so you get to hear that sexy Irish accent for all of season 3!
Karla Homolka is a serial rapist and killer who struck a plea deal with the Canadian Crown that is still known as "the deal with the devil". Karla is possibly worse than her "Ken", Paul Bernardo aka the Scarborough Rapist. Major trigger warnings for sexual assault, she's a monster. And she's free.
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