Holiday Bonus- Synanon: Drug Rehab Turned Dangerous Cult


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On the 20th day of Christmas your true loves gave to youuuuu, an unreleased episode of TSFU Presents: Culty California!
We had originally planned for our third season of TSFU Presents to be centered around cults that originated in California, but then we took some interesting turns to Gruesome Gals and Feisty Festivals instead!In this special, and only, episode of TSFU Presents: Culty California, Ash is joined by badass survivor Jen Carole, whose parents were murdered by Josef DeAngelo aka the Golden State Killer. Jen grew up during the 60s and 70s in Southern California, when are where Synanon began. Synanon started out as an alternative to AA, a rehab program for "dope fiends", but quickly turned into a sinister and deadly cult. Synanon was also the basis for many of the programs that we see today in the TTI (troubled teen industry).
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