TSFU Throwback: Ep. 34- Theory: The Ramseys Did It- JonBeńet Ramsey Part I


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Merry Christmas to those who celebrate! Here's a little early Christmas prezzie- a two parter, delivered in a very interesting way, from TWO whole years ago!

Ashley and former co-host Cam cover the mysterious murder of JonBeńet Ramsey! Jeepers Creepers!
In part one of this two part episode Cam presents the evidence which suggests that the Ramseys may have committed the murder, the evidence that has led to the infamous RDI (Ramseys Did It) theory. She will also briefly go over the family's history, and then dive into the timeline of events leading up to, and immediately following, the discovery of JonBeńet's body.
The gals then discuss possible scenarios in which someone in the family may have committed the murder, and what their potential motive could have been.
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