Episode 27: Wellness + Astrology — How to Support Your Health Based on Your Astrological Sign? with Bess Matassa from Mojave Rising


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Today we are chatting with astrology expert Bess Matassa from Mojave Rising. I legitimately have never been as excited to interview anyone as I was to have Bess on the podcast! She’s an astrology expert who doesn’t just predict what your next week will look like but rather helps you get in touch with your birth chart signs and live a life that embraces and accentuates these qualities. If you want to learn more about what is a birth chart, how you discover yours, or what if you don’t feel like your assigned sun sign fits your personality, this episode is for you. Bess also put together an in-depth analysis of each sign and how you can support your health based on your assigned sign.

You'll hear about: -Bess's journey and how she got into astrology -What is a birth chart and how does it differ from the 12 astrological signs we’re familiar with? -What happens if you don’t feel like your personality matches your sign? -What are the creative tensions in your chart and how can you use these to achieve your full potential? -How do the transits of the stars affect your life during different times of the year? -Why do we naturally gravitate towards friendships and relationships with certain signs? -What is Saturn Return and how can we prepare for it? -Is there such thing as “being on the cusp” of a sign? -How different signs can use different wellness practices to support their health -The one health-habit she can't live without -Who she looks up to in business -What she would tell her 20 year old self -What she hopes her 50 year old self tells her

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Website: http://www.mojaverising.com/

Bess has generously offered THM readers and listeners 10% off a birth chart reading! Just use the code COSMICMAVEN at checkout when signing up on her site!

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