Episode 1: Finding Balance and Blogging as a Business with Andie Mitchell, blogger and New York Times best-selling author of It Was Me All Along and Eating in the Middle


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Andie Mitchell, New York Times bestselling author of "It Was Me All Along" and "Eating in the Middle" speaks about finding balance in health, work, life and blogging as a business.

You'll hear about:

  • How Andie Mitchell started blogging.
  • How she uses a standing desk to keep her energy up throughout the day.
  • Is blogging a difficult career?
  • What it was like to write and shop her book proposal?
  • How we use food to channel negative or positive energy.
  • How we use our blogs to channel positive energy.
  • Struggles with social media and keeping reality in check.
  • Over-sharing on social media.
  • Separating your brand from yourself on Instagram.
  • Dealing with food restriction and binge eating disorder.
  • Why celebrities saying they love their bodies is a disconnect at times.
  • Knowing that you will feel differently about your body every day.
  • What a day in the life of Andie Mitchell looks like.
  • Andie Mitchell's third book proposal.
  • What’s the one health item you can’t live without?
  • What advice would you give your 20 year old self?
  • What do you hope your 50 year old self would tell you?

And more!

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