300PAR 002: How Dani Holmes-Kirk Ran 54 Races In A Year?!?

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"The Race itself is the After Party" - Dani Holmes-Kirk

What's up goal crushers in this episode we talk with Dani Holmes-Kirk. Dani is the founder of Weight Off My Shoulders Blog. The blog covers all things that involve Dani’s weight and health journey. In the past year Dani has ran over 53 races. In this podcast Dani talks to us about who she is, her evolving relationship with running (the good, bad and the ugly), and lastly she gives new runners advice to help them crush their goals.

Show Notes

2:39 - Who is Dani and why and how is she running over 53 races a year?

4:14 - Dani’s discusses her weight loss journey - “Once I hit my goal realized I didn’t have my weight to hide behind. It’s a physical and emotional journey.”

9:01 - Dani discusses her eating disorders and inclusive language about weight loss - “You look great keep doing what you're doing”

14:21 - Time for action- Why Dani Decided decided to join Weight Watchers - “I felt at home and Cheez-Its are amazing.”

18:23 - Learn how Dani first discovered running

21:52 - Dani’s first run - “I hated it”

23:56 - Why Dani loves to run - “The race itself is the after party …it’s the longest compliment ever.

31:17 - Dani’s most challenging race and her biggest takeaway - “It took tears and sweat to finish...I learned that I am stronger than I think I am.”

34:46 - Dani gives words of advice for those that are new to running or starting a weight loss journey

36:58 - Dani gives her favorite weight loss and running resources

41:06 - Dani’s favorite product - One clue...It’s sparkly

43:07 - Dani’s Goals - “I aim to poke holes in my comfort zone.”

46:10 - Words of Wisdom from Dani - “Live in the mile that you are in!”

Resources Mentioned During the Podcast How do I contact Dani Holmes-Kirk?

That’s it for now. Keep crushing those goals, and we’ll be back next time!

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