300PAR 003: What Does A Fat Ultra Marathoner Look Like W/ Mirna Valerio aka Fat Girl Running


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What does a Spanish teacher, choral director, diversity practitioner, cross country running coach, blogger, and avid trail runner all have in common? Mirna Valerio! Goal crushers in this episode we will talk with Mirna Valerio. Mirna is the founder of Fat Girl Running Blog. Mirna’s blog covers all things running and living life to its fullest all while being a larger Black women. In this podcast Mirna talks about her journey as a “fat” runner and words of advice she would give to those who are thinking about getting started.

Show Notes

0:49 - Who is Mirna Valerio? Find out why is a true Renaissance women!

1:59 - Mirna discusses her journey with weight gain and loss in her life

5:03 - Find out how Mirna took back her health and changed her life. - “The doctor asked me if I wanted to see my son live?”

9:00 - Mirna discusses how she first found her passion for running... how she lost it and gained it back again - “I remembered how good running made me feel and I wanted to feel that way again.”

14:14 - Obstacles Mirna faced as she started her second journey in running.

16:19 - Find out when Mirna started seeing the results of her running journey

16:58 - How has running impacted other aspects of Mirna’s life?

19:17 - Mirna’s most challenging race - “I had to run, walk and crawl to finish and it took me just under 26 hours to finish.”

20:24 - Mirna explains how she is able to run over 30 miles as a 230+ pound women - “It’s all in the training.”

23:14 - How long does it take to train for an ultra marathon?

24:22 - Black people don’t run - Mirna discusses what it's like to be a Black runner and the stereotypes that comes along with it - “Movement has no color because it belongs to everyone.”

27:15 - Mirna’s favorite running product - “It’s all in the bra.”

29:26 - Learn about Mirna media success

32:48 - What would Mirna tell her past self? - “I need to make health a priority...Health of mommy and wife (me) needs to be a priority…. because if I am not healthy no one around me can be healthy.”

34:10 - Mirna gives words of advice to those who may be starting a new health journey - “Just sign up and have blind faith”

34:51 - Mirna gives her favorite weight loss and running resources.

35:53 - Mirna’s goals for this year

37:42 - Words of Wisdom from Mirna - “Lace up and go!”

Resources Mentioned During the Podcast

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That’s it for now. Keep crushing those goals, and we’ll be back next time!

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