300PAR 006: How Corey Louchiey Went From NFL Linemen to Marathoner!?!

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Corey Louchiey is a noted philanthropist, accomplished business executive, and decorated former professional athlete. Additionally, he is the Co-Founder of First & Life, a training and development company that teaches individuals and companies across the country how to be a catalyst for positive change. Most importantly he is a big Black guy who loves to run in the rain. In this podcast Corey talks to us about who he is, his journey from the NFL to running, lastly he gives Goal Crushes advice on how to make lasting lifestyle changes. In life...anything that is easy...is it really worth it? Because if it was easy everyone would be doing it! -Corey Louchiey

Show Notes
  • 1:55 - Learn more about Corey Louchiey- Life began after I retired!
  • 5:05 - Corey explains how his weight and health shifted after leaving the NFL. - My health truly shifted when I moved to New York...I lost my way. I was focused on everyone and everything except for my health.
  • 11:57 - Find out when Corey knew it was time to make it a change in his life... - What good is life if you are not living it!
  • 15:01 - Learn the steps Corey took to take control of his health. - I joined a 24 hour gym...that way I had no excuses!
  • 18:50 - Corey shares how he first discovered running - How do other people run 6, 7, 8 miles and I was having trouble running one mile.
  • 25:33 - Find out how running has impacted other aspects of Corey’s life. - If I can run at 300 pounds in the middle of the summer...I figured that there is nothing that I couldn't mentally or physically do.
  • 28:25 - Learn about Corey’s favorite products - It’s all about diet and lifestyle for me.
  • 31:03 - Corey’s advice for new runners and those would like to change their lifestyle. - I have a PhD in life!
  • 39:54 - Learn about Corey’s Health Goals for this year
  • 41:02 - Words of Wisdom from Corey. - Live your life without regrets!

Resources Mentioned During the Podcast

How do I contact Corey Louchiey

  • 404.229.9120
  • corey@firstandlife.com
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