Space Radio Ep. 91: Very Moist Exoplanet


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Today on Space Radio:

  • Moist exoplanet atmospheres!
  • Why not use ions for a lightsail?
  • Has gravity always existed?
  • Do black holes hold pure dark energy?
  • Are black holes still black on the inside?
  • Are there heavy elements on planets that aren't created by supernovae?
  • Will the JWST be safe being shipped on a barge?
  • What do you think of the planet with water?
  • Could life arise on a massive planet like K2-18b?
  • Does "sphagettification" mean that inside a black hole is one-dimensional?
  • Will we find life elsewhere in our solar system?
  • What kind of gravity is there in a nebula cluster?
  • Is science reality?
  • and more!

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Hosted by Paul M. Sutter, astrophysicist at The Ohio State University, and the one and only Agent to the Stars.

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