Chasing the Present with James Sebastiano Jr. and Mark Waters


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Episode Summary

What Does it Mean to Live in the Moment?

Being “present” is trendy, but what does it mean to truly pursue letting go of the past and the future?

How can you directly deal with your emotions and sit still with what you have right now?

In this week’s episode of The 5 AM Miracle Podcast I speak with two filmmakers about their latest documentary, Chasing the Present. James Sebastiano Jr. is the subject and producer of the film, and Mark Waters is the director.


Resources Mentioned in this Episode

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  2. Focus@Will [Start your 2-week free trial]
  3. Chasing the Present [Documentary by James Sebastiano Jr. and Mark Waters]
  4. Mark Waters [Learn more about Mark Water’s films]


James Sebastiano Jr. and Mark Waters

A materially successful young man, James Sebastiano Jr., riddled with anxiety, embarks on a world-wide journey of self-inquiry.

From the streets of NY, to the stillness of the Ganges, and deep into the jungles of Peru, he immerses himself in meditation, self-inquiry, and plant medicine to find the root cause of the problem and learn how to finally find freedom from his crippling anxiety.

Along the way, he finds answers to why a person who seemingly has it all can continue to suffer from debilitating panic attacks, recognizing the beauty and power that lies within each of us, if we are willing to go there

Mark Waters is a film director, cinematographer, editor, colorist and photographer driven by his love for the natural world.

Over the past 10 years he has travelled to around 50 countries to explore life as it naturally appears to be.

His curiosity and love for life has inspired him to find ways to frame these insights to share a fresh perspective.

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