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Episode Summary

Are you ready for a total body (or whole life) transformation?

In this week’s episode of The 5 AM Miracle Podcast I speak with Elizabeth Benton, host of the Primal Potential Podcast, about her massive weight loss (more than 150 pounds!) and her new set of healthy habits that keeps her fit and happy.


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  2. The 5 AM Miracle Audiobook [Read by Jeff Sanders]
  3. Focus@Will [Start your 2-week free trial]
  4. Primal Potential [Elizabeth’s website]
  5. Primal Potential Podcast [Hosted by Elizabeth Benton]
  6. No Ego [Book by Cy Wakeman]


Elizabeth Benton

Elizabeth Benton was depressed, deeply in debt, and obese. As a nutrition expert and educator who binged on junk food every time she put gas in her car, she felt like a fraud and a failure.

Desperate to start truly living her life, she decided to believe in her potential rather than her past. She lost 150 pounds, paid off $130,000, and remains debt-free as a successful entrepreneur.

Today, Elizabeth is the owner of Primal Potential. Through her platform of podcasts, coaching, and live events, she has fueled her deepest struggles into a burning passion to help people create transformations and live more fulfilled lives.

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