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Russell Peters has been many things in his life. Breakdancer, DJ, very nearly a chef, and groundbreaking comedian beloved by people all over the world; he's done it all. But no matter where his many interests and achievements have taken him, he's never forgotten his roots as a lonely Anglo-Indian kid growing up in the Toronto suburbs, just catching wind of the strange new music called hip hop that emanated from across the border in New York in the early 80's. Essential to the era was LL Cool J, whose debut album Radio smashed onto the scene in 1985, showing eager young minds like Russell's the possibilities of a new genre and the success that could come from not just belief in your own greatness but also taking risks on things no one else had ever done. The 500 is a production of Native Creative Podcasts. For show notes, guest playlists, and fan blogs about the music go to The500Podcast.com. New Artist/Song influenced by L.L. Cool J: Lute "Still Slummin'" (Spotify) (YouTube) Join. The. Movement.

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