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In a world of sickening brightness, the best way to stick out is to go dark. That’s why when Christina Pazsitzky was growing up in the San Fernando valley, she sought out the eerily romantic weirdness of the 80’s blossoming goth culture. It’s been many years since Christina donned all black and danced the reckless dance of the lonely to the morose crooning of androgynous new wave. Now she’s a wife, mother of two and a wildly successful stand-up comedian, with two Netflix specials to her credit: Mother Inferior and The Degenerates, and her own podcast: Your Mom’s House. But no matter what, there’ll always be a part of her that’s still that twelve-year-old girl smoking cigarettes, listening to The Smiths’ 1984 debut alt rock classic self-titled debut, knowing full well how alone we all really are. The 500 is a production of Native Creative Podcasts. For show notes, guest playlists, complimentary documentaries, and audiobooks about the music go to The500Podcast.com. New Artist/Song influenced by The Smiths: Flora Cash "They Own This Town" (Spotify) (YouTube) Join. The. Movement.

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