489 - KISS - Destroyer - Jeff Ross


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In 1976, the face-painted, leather-clad all-stars of anthem rock band Kiss set the world on fire with their album Destroyer, and like most prepubescent boys of that era, Roastmaster General Jeff Ross found no refuge from the flames. While fate marked young Jeff's early adulthood with illness and the deaths of his parent, he was still able to sit up in his room in his family's New Jersey home, where the walls were lined with pictures of Gene, Paul, Ace and Peter, and dream of a life in which he revealed in their same theatrical glory and rock star lifestyle. For Jeff, there were no other bands that could fill him with such hope and possibility, and that hope turned into reality as he actually managed to make good on those dreams, leading him to become the star of Comedy Central's Celebrity Roasts and the host of the network's hit show Roast Battle. Jeff's ability to tear people to shreds while keeping them hysterically laughing has garnered him international renown, much like the blistering glam metal that has kept Kiss as a household name for decades. Show Notes & Guest Playlists can be found at The500Podcast.com. New Music influenced by KISS: "Stepdad" by Regan & Watkins featuring Pauly Shore Join. The. Movement.

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