Ep 175: How to Calculate Calories, Perfect Technique vs Progressive Overload, Relevance of Specialization Routines, and Does Cardio Kill Gains


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In this episode, I answer questions from my Instagram @HuntFitness

Questions on the podcast:

1- How do you balance "perfect" technique with progressive overload?

2- I'm 43 years old and finding it hard to put pounds on my total. I'm pretty sure I need to up my volume and/or frequency but as soon as I do, I get overuse injuries. How do you make progress as an older lifter that needs more recovery?

3- How do you program accessory exercises differently in a strength block vs. a hypertrophy block?

4- Can you realistically improve all three lifts in a training cycle, or is it better to focus on 1 or 2?

5- Do you see a benefit or carry over from belt squats/pitshark to the back squat and deadlift?

6- Does cardio actually "kill" strength, and if so, at what point does cardio diminish strength?

7- Can you grow muscle in a caloric deficit?

8- How do you calculate how many calories you burn in a day?

9- Thoughts on excelling in your fitness journey with limited finances - as someone who can't afford basic supplements, enough food, and professional coaching services?

10- How has fitness changed your life?

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