Ep 176: Do You Have to Be Strong to Be a Powerlifting Coach, How to Deload, My Thoughts on AI Coaching, and more


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In this episode, I answer a wide range of questions from my Instagram @huntfitness. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

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Questions on the show:

1: Do you have to be strong to be a good powerlifting coach?

2: How do you properly set up a deload week?

3: Do you recommend chiropractic work as a recovery method or to help with injuries?

4: What's the best way to get an accurate measure of someone's one rep max?

5: What are your thoughts on A.I coaching?

6: How would you handle a trip (one week or longer) with no or limited access to a gym during a meet prep?

7: I'm starting a home gym, what pieces of equipment do you feel are essential?

8: What is 3 less than obvious reasons preventing people from becoming as strong as possible?

9: In your opinion, what are some of the most overrated/underrated exercises?

10: What are the pros/cons of performing top sets with backdowns vs. just straight sets?

11: I was a wrestler too, so I'm curious, what life lessons did wrestling teach you?

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