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Super pumped about this episode. Personal Trainer/Lifestyle Modification Coach "Gio's Logic" sits in the co-hosting chair for this one as our special guest for this episode is Jeff Novitzky. Jeff is the Vice President of Athlete Health and Performance for the UFC. He previously served as an agent for the FDA investigating the use of steroids in professional sports. Before April 2008 he was a special agent for the IRS who investigated the use of steroids for over five years.

In 2002 he gained public notoriety during his role as a federal agent for the IRS for what we now know as the BALCO scandal. He led a raid on a San Francisco laboratory that was supplying banned substances to athletes. The resulting fallout implicated top athletes including; Barry Bonds, Marion Jones, Tim Montgomery, and Jason Giambi.

Years later Novitzky was also involved in the investigation into the use of PED's by Lance Armstrong and other members of his Tour De France teams.

If you like sports and scandals this is the episode for you!

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