015 How to Quit Your Job


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In this episode, we will talk about the transition of quitting your job to become an affluent entrepreneur. We will analyze the things we must have clear in our minds before we decide to leave our jobs and start an entrepreneurial life. Then, we will go through the details of the Entrepreneur Transition Formula™, and understand each step of it to ensure an effective transition.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

- What we need to know before we decide to transition from corporate to entrepreneur

- The Entrepreneur Transition Formula™, and how it serves us in our transition

- The difference between doing what we love, and creating value with what we are passionate about

- How we can know if our entrepreneurial endeavor is ready to replace our income

To start our business, we must be committed and give 110% to our project. The secret of our success lies in the preparation, the planning, and making the right choices. That is why going through the nine steps of the Entrepreneur Transition Formula is vital - we must cover all the bases before we decide to quit our job and start the entrepreneurial journey.


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