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Today, I will continue answering some of the questions I get from the Affluent Entrepreneur community. This is the perfect space to have an open and honest conversation about money and wealth, and living our best life without the worry of being judged or canceled.

We will dive deep into investments and mortgage, 401k plans, emotional and logical decisions, the benefits of Health Saving Accounts, and more.

Some of the Questions I Answer:

- Should I put more money against my mortgage or invest instead?

- Should I keep putting money in my 401k?

- I have a significant investment in a single company. How do I reduce my risk?

- I'm in the second year of my business. Should I do a 401k or go for a SEP IRA?

Those of you who have questions about money, investment, or finances, shoot them my way, I will gladly answer them. My ultimate goal is to show you the path to financial independence and affluent life, which I consider a birthright.


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